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As an international actor, Denmark is key to keeping the relationship between Europe and the United States strong

 - András Simonyi

What is the key to Denmark’s reputation abroad and how can Danish values help solve the global challenges of today? 


The Global Denmark Podcast is back with hosts Ed Ley and Thomas Mulhern exploring these issues and more with András Simonyi.


András has an intimate knowledge of Denmark; having both lived and written extensively on the Danish society.  In addition, he has served as Hungary’s first permanent representative on the NATO council, and was ambassador to the United States for 5 years. 


Join the conversation as we gather important lessons for and from Denmark from a leader who has dedicated his life to building bridges between Denmark, Europe and The United States.

Episode Takeaways

  • The Nordic ways [01:40]

  • What Denmark is good at and where Denmark can get in trouble [02:55]

  • How András Simonyi got introduced to Denmark and the Nordic way [08:18]

  • Problems and Nordic values [12:55]

  • Current status in Hungary [14:38]

  • The “small country syndrome” [19:10]

  • NATO [21:35]

  • The role of an Ambassador and rock'n'roll [25:50]

  • Daily habits [36:37]

  • Experiences that gave a big leap forward [37:20]

  • Guiding principles [38:19]

  • Message to Denmark and closing comments [41:10]