The popularity and focus we are seeing in the Nordic countries is a result of the rest of the world looking for inspiration of how to lead during times of extreme change and uncertainty.

- Chris Shern

How local changes lead to a global impact.

This week, on the Global Denmark Podcast, we had the pleasure of sitting down with John Lees; former Managing Director of ABS UK and Director of Global Impact Denmark.

Listen to this impactful conversation as we explore; the true meaning of sustainability, the responsibility of individuals and companies to improve our world, how companies can use sustainability to differentiate themselves, and the impact of being globally mobile.

Episode Takeaways

  • Return of the Vikings [1:40]

  • Nordic leadership, uncertainty, and trust [4:28]

  • Breaking into the circle of trust [10:11]

  • Highlights of interviews for “Return of the Vikings” [13:35]

  • Being an expat leader in the Nordics [15:30]

  • The journey of being an expat and organically get to a Managing Director position [17:50]

  • Glass-ceiling and the Viking virtues [18:44]

  • The meaning of ‘leadership’ [22:38]

  • Henley Business School [24:58]

  • Developing human leaders [27:02]

  • Habits and rituals for optimal performance [33:38]

  • Challenging personality trait [34:44]
    Motivator, demotivator and dinner party invites [35:26]

  • Guiding life principle [37:57]

  • Mentors and book recommendations [38:45]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [41:06]

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