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I love taking on new challenges and see life as one big rollercoaster

- Claire Ross-Brown

The Global Denmark Podcast is back with hosts Ed Ley and Thomas Mulhern interviewing Claire Ross Brown, actress, singer, model and CEO of a Danish Fintech company.

They discuss who the real Claire is, her acting career from Eastenders to Klovn, integrating into Danish society, and what drives her to continually step outside of her comfort zone.

Episode Takeaways

  • Coming to Denmark [01:40]

  • Involvement in Klovn and the ‘Claire’ character [03:20]

  • From acting and modeling to business [09:50]

  • When Denmark became home [13:10]

  • Advice to expats on learning Danish and building trust [14:08]

  • Getting out of the comfort zone and challenging the Danish norm [25:05]

  • Habits, routines, and rituals to optimize performance [32:27]

  • Counterproductive personality traits [33:54]

  • Interesting facts about Claire [35:06]

  • Historical figures and best life advice [36:57]

  • What Denmark can teach the world and what the world can teach Denmark [41:38]

  • Book recommendations and closing comments [44:13]

Book recommendation

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