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My life is like Tetris because all the time blocks are falling down. Do I want to ensure they build up before I do something or do I want to manage these blocks along the way

- Dan Hestbæk

This week, the Global Denmark Podcast features Dan Hestbæk, CEO of Lift Relations. 


Join the conversation; as Dan, together with hosts Ed Ley and Thomas Mulhern, discuss what drives high performing teams, how companies can best grow and retain their client relationships, how data and artificial intelligence can zero in on key human drivers, and why the courage to say "no" and learning from a "no" are so vital.

Episode Takeaways

  • Lift Relations [01:35]

  • Key attitudes and trends in retention [02:50]

  • Perception of data in Denmark vs. America [06:26]

  • Well-being of company and employees [08:45]

  • Best organizational practices [12:12]

  • Disruption [14:42]

  • Generational differences [15:41]

  • Questions for staff and clients [17:55]

  • Readiness to face the data [21:55]

  • Habits and routines [31:20]

  • Favorite failure [33:10]

  • Challenging personality traits [34:44]

  • Mentors [36:25]

  • Best life and business advice [37:27]

  • Book recommendations and closing comments [39:05]

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