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We have, by fault, made a clear statement that we wanted to save energy only and forgotten about the indoor climate.

- Daniel Bachmann

The Global Denmark Podcast is back with hosts Ed Ley and Thomas Mulhern sitting down with Daniel Bachmann. Daniel is the CEO of IIOTD A/S and the founder of the CIICEN Consortium.


Listen as Ed, Thomas and Daniel discuss the impact of indoor environments on our health, the ethics of indoor climate, circadian rhythms and how altering light can radically affect behaviour.

Episode Takeaways

  • Why we should care about the indoor environment [01:38]

  • Energy consumption vs. indoor climate [03:00]

  • How we can solve poor indoor climate [06:00]

  • Light and the circadian rhythm [14:30]

  • Chicken experiment [20:25]

  • What we can do to improve the indoor climate [23:16]

  • What we, as individuals, can do today [27:55]

  • What organizations can do [32:55]

  • Habits to optimize performance [37:40]

  • Advice to become a good leader [40:08]

  • Personal guiding value [43:14]

  • Personal effects of improving indoor climate [44:05]

  • Lessons for and from Denmark, and closing comments [46:30]

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