The reason why we never got to the point of having more spare time is that we invented work we don’t need

- Dennis Nørmark

The Global Denmark Podcast is back with Dennis Nørmark Unplugged!


This latest episode is a fascinating conversation between hosts Ed Ley and Thomas Mulhern with Dennis Nørmark; anthropologist, best-selling author and deputy chairman of DR.


Join the conversation as we talk about pseudo work and its consequences, elicit a master class in Danish culture and discuss what the good life and good work-life should consist of.

Episode Takeaways

  • What is pseudo-work [01:30]

  • Companies and pseudo-work [05:05]

  • What it means to be a human being [12:00]

  • Pseudo-work through history [13:40]

  • What culture is and the Danish culture [21:45]

  • Language [29:20]

  • The Danish level of trust [33:20]

  • Danes and cultural intelligence [36:40]

  • Meaningful work and trust [38:35]

  • Daily habits and routines [43:28]

  • A core competency of humanitarians [45:56]

  • People from history and bad habits [48:38]

  • Self-awareness [52:40]

  • Closing comments [54:49]

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