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We work so hard for productivity and then what do we do? We fill our time with more work.
Why do we do that and how do we make sure to do what’s meaningful?

- Dennis Nørmark

Welcome back to this week’s episode where we bring back our Global Denmark Podcast Alumni, Dennis Nørmark.

Dennis is a known anthropologist, commentator, consultant, and author of several books including Pseudo-work and his most recent, Back to work.

In this episode, we talk about what work value actually is, how organizations and individuals can navigate pseudo-work, how we can come back to a more meaningful work-life after the pandemic, and why it’s important for managers to return to a more Danish way of leading organizations.


Episode Takeaways

  • What is pseudo-work and why is it important to identify?

  • Trends in management consulting about meaningful work.

  • Why do we as human beings do it, why do we stay busy doing unnecessary work?

  • Lessons to and from Denmark

  • How many Danes are doing pseudo-work?

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