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A huge part of integration, challenging ourselves, and growth is saying, ‘this doesn’t feel comfortable, I’m going to do it' 

- Ed Ley

This week the Global Denmark Podcast features a very special guest, our very own Ed Ley.
Ed Ley is the owner of Absolute Health, host of the Global Denmark Podcast, and a first mover in optimizing mental & physical health for both CEOs & top athletes.

Join the conversation; where Ed discusses with Thomas Mulhern how he optimizes mental & physical health, the connection between the mind and the body, one's behaviour and their environment, the process of self-exploration, and how to challenge discomforts.​

Episode Takeaways

  • How Ed helps leaders optimize performance [02:38]

  • Body-mind connection [05:20]

  • The ideal environment to optimize health [10:40]

  • Ed’s story [17:00]

  • Moving to Denmark [26:45]

  • Health in Denmark vs. the UK [32:10]

  • Habits and routines to optimize performance [36:00]

  • Experiences that gave a leap forward [41:18]

  • Self-regulation and weird talent [44:45]

  • Dinner invite and values [46:45]

  • Mentors and books [49:10]

  • Lessons for Denmark and closing comments [51:20]

Book Recommendation

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