"Denmark is now a receiving country for immigrants from all over the world and in that regard it can learn from some things from the history of immigration in the United States ."

- Tova Brandt

What does it mean to be Danish American? And what are the roots and future for the relationship between the two nations?


Join us for this episode of the Global Denmark Podcast from Elk Horn, Iowa, as Brian Woodward interviews Tova Brandt, Executive Director of the Museum of Danish America. 

Tova has curated the museum for over 11 years and during that time created dozens of exhibits that deal with the past and present lives of Danes and Danish Americans.  She discusses the deep roots of immigration and cooperation between Denmark and the United States and explains the anthropology behind why Danish Americans insist on eating medisterpølser with æbleskiver whenever they get the chance.  

Listen in on this fun and enlightening episode from the little midwestern town known as "Denmark on the Prairie".

Episode Takeaways

  • Why is Elk Horn "Denmark on the Prairie"?

  • Danish Americans sense of their own heritage 

  • Danes are horrified by Danish American traditions  

  • Big surprises at the Museum of Danish America

  • Denmark is now the destination for immigrants

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