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I think, there is only ever something to be gained from opening yourself up and meeting new people

- Helen Russell

What should we make of Denmark and happiness?

The latest episode of The Global Denmark Podcast is live, where cohosts Ed Ley and Thomas Mullhern sit down with bestselling author and happiness expert, Helen Russell.

Helen is a journalist, speaker, and author of “Leap year”, “Gone Viking”, “Atlas of Happiness” and the international bestseller “The Year of Living Danishly”.

In the wide-ranging conversation, we explore what it means to live danishly, how Helen defined happiness before and after coming to Denmark, societal and individual happiness, the benefits of a growth mindset, keys to successful communication, and incorporation of happiness approaches from around the world. 

Episode Takeaways

  • What it means to live Danishly [01:53]

  • Danish values and exploring happiness [04:55]

  • The downside of the label, “happiness” [13:19]

  • Building a new network to integrate [16:07]

  • Living in Vejle [21:28]

  • Vikings [23:41]

  • Keys to successful communication [27:00]

  • When Denmark became home [29:06]

  • Habits and routines to optimize health and performance [30:54]

  • Challenging traits and happiness habits [31:54]

  • Something weird and dinner party invites [34:57]

  • Mentors, teachers, and books [36:56]

  • Lessons to Denmark and closing comments [38:07]