Networking is about giving freely, giving often, and seeking opportunities to help

- Jesper Løvendahl

In the latest episode of the Global Denmark Podcast, co-hosts Ed Ley and Thomas Mulhern sit down with CEO of Expat Ride and founder of DABGO, Jesper Løvendahl.

This conversation focuses on how to turn personal challenges into societal solutions, what it takes to become a master networker and how trust guides the Danish society.

Episode Takeaways

  • What is networking [01:42]

  • Learning how to network and the first steps in building a great network [02:50]

  • First expat assignment [10:18]

  • DABGO - Danish American Business Group Online [14:48]

  • How to start networking for Danes [18:10]

  • How DABGO spread around the world [29:30]

  • Stambord [32:30]

  • Professional life [36:13]

  • Dividends of networking [39:30]

  • Coming back to Denmark [48:22]

  • Daily habits, routines, and rituals [57:00]

  • Challenging personality traits that can hinder success [58:25]

  • Global Nation [01:00:40]

  • Weird and interesting facts about Jesper [01:07:02]

  • Best advice [01:09:55]

  • Why should Denmark focus on becoming more global [01:11:09]

  • Book recommendations and closing comments [01:16:24]

Book Recommendation

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