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"We should use profit, and we should use capitalism to actually create a better tomorrow for all people."

- Jonathan Tjoa Algreen

From profit-oriented gainer to a social entrepreneurship frontrunner.


Join the Global Denmark Podcast as Thomas Mulhern interviews serial entrepreneur, investor, and CEO of 1People, Jonathan Tjoa Algreen. 


In this conversation, we discuss the meaning of business from a societal perspective, what investors look for in promising entrepreneurs, human well-being, and much more. 

Episode Takeaways

  • Introduction of Jonathan Tjoa Algreen [2:38]

  • Changing the mindset of the business community [5:25]

  • Mindfulness and practicality in business [11:20]

  • Beyond profits [11:52]

  • Investing and investing objectives [16:50]

  • Business for Planet [24:38]

  • Daily habits and routines [29:45]

  • Biggest motivator and life advice [32:02]

  • Mentors and dinner invites [36:18]

  • Books [39:57]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [40:47]