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When you get a more diverse leadership, and when you get a more diverse workplace, things do change and not only in the results but also how things are done.

- Katja Iversen

What does it take to be named the 2018 ”Dane of the year?” 


Listen in to the latest episode of the Global Denmark Podcast to find out how, as hosts Ed Ley and Thomas Mulhern sit down with CEO of Women Deliver, Katja Iversen.  

Katja and Women Deliver are leading global advocates for gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women.


This exclusive interview dives into the status of gender equality both in Denmark and around the world, understanding the factors that stand in the way of women´s well-being and the keys to changing the current status quo moving forward. 

Episode Takeaways

  • Women Deliver [02:00]

  • Why countries aren’t doing more [05:00]

  • What we, as individuals, can do [11:55]

  • The data behind gender equality [15:25]

  • Dane of the Year [17:54]

  • Denmark’s position in gender equality [22:05]

  • Denmark and Iceland [27:42]

  • Habits and routines to optimize performance [29:38]

  • Events or experiences that led to a huge leap forward [30:15]

  • High-profile individuals and something weird about Katja [31:14]

  • Motivator and demotivator [32:36]

  • Dinner party and best advice [33:18]

  • Mentors and recommendations [36:08]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [37:40]