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"Sometimes it benefits us being naive, and accept that some people might cheat, and just be okay with that, instead of going into a world of control."

- Keld Jensen

Join us as we explore; the competitive advantage of trust, keys to successful negotiation, the power of human contact, and much more with professor, author, and CEO of Center for Negotiation, Keld Jensen.

Episode Takeaways

  • The competitive advantage of Danish trust [2:24]

  • Reasons for a decline in trust [7:18]

  • Remembering to be good [12:52]

  • The role school systems can play in establishing trust [16:20]

  • Expanding the Danish circle of trust [18:40]

  • Trust and control [22:39]

  • Face-to-face negotiation and the power of human contact [27:57]

  • Daily habits or routines to stay sharp [34:02]

  • Meaningful experience and inspiration [36:15]

  • Biggest motivator and demotivator [41:26]

  • The best business advice and book recommendations [43:28]

  • Influential person in life and dinner party invites [45:16]

  • Greatest negotiation advice for online negotiations [48:56]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [52:12]