"The reason that we would trust or like somebody is not so much based on what they're saying, but how they're saying it nonverbally, through the tone of voice and body language."

- Keld Jensen

How should you negotiate virtually?


Join the Global Denmark podcast as Thomas Mulhern is pleased to have Keld Jensen, negotiation and trust expert, prolific author with over 20 publications in 36 countries and 30 years of diverse experience, once again, back on the podcast.

In this insightful episode, we explore the impact of the Corona crisis in-terms of negotiation; how Keld has been devoting his time, do’s and don’ts of online negotiation, compare US and Denmark in managing its distributed workforce and the role of trust in business and societies.

Episode Takeaways

  • Assistance by the US government to businesses and consultancies [3:40]

  • Individual’s trust level in the state government and the federal government in US [5:33]

  • Increased demand for online negotiation and collaboration [7:15]

  • Negotiation in crisis and 101 excuses [7:38]

  • 101 excuses: Typical excuses people come up with [8:27]

  • Comparison between US and Denmark in managing it’s distributed workforce [10:42]

  • Meeting/working online and meeting/working in person [10:51]

  • Do’s and don’ts of negotiating online [13:45]

  • Recommendation in connection to online negotiation [15:06]

  • Handling negotiation through email [16:04]

  • Coming out of crisis as winners [17:54]

  • SMARTnership [18:57]

  • Different approach to negotiation due to crisis [21:12]

  • Difference in the level of trust in Denmark and US [22:42]

  • Strong focus of companies in US on trying to keep people employed [24:31]

  • Dan Price, and closing comments [25:43]