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I’ve found that Danes not only have to connect with the head but they want to connect with their heart, they want to connect with their feet, it’s a whole body experience to say, ‘okay, I’m part of this business’

- Ken Cordes

How should international leaders operate in Denmark?

This week, on the Global Denmark Podcast, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Ken Cordes; Managing Director at Emerson Denmark and Head of the International Leadership Forum under Erhverv Aarhus.

Join us as we explore; what it means to be an expat leader in Denmark, how Aarhus is trying to attract and retain talent, the difference between leadership and management, how to motivate and recognise a team of Danes, and how trust plays a key role not only in Danish society but also in the Danish work-life.

Episode Takeaways

  • How it’s like being an expat leader in Denmark [01:35]

  • Responsibility and trust in the Danish work culture [04:00]

  • Leading and navigating culturally diverse teams [10:43]

  • Advice for leaders working with international talent [12:55]

  • Company and societal roles in onboarding global talent [14:08]

  • Challenges for the Aarhus area in talent attraction and retention [17:34]

  • The importance of having school choices in retaining international families [19:09]

  • Motivating a team and becoming a leader [22:32]

  • Habits and routines to boost performance [29:03]

  • Events that gave a leap forward and challenging personality trait [30:46]

  • Biggest motivators and demotivators [34:20]

  • Dinner party invites and mentors [35:50]

  • Guiding life principles [38:38]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [40:07]

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