"Everybody has to realize and accept that these people are real people with real opinions. And their opinions are just as valid as yours, even though you might not agree with them."

- Kim Bildsøe Lassen

What’s the status and impact of Brexit? 


Join us in this fascinating and insightful conversation as we interview award-winning journalist and DR’s correspondent in the UK, Kim Bildsøe Lassen.

Episode Takeaways

  • The status of Brexit [2:53]

  • Why Brexit? Why remain? [5:36]

  • Misinformation in the society and the longing of the glorious time [8:45]

  • Factors behind misinformation [12:56]

  • Pursuing the objectivity in journalism [15:08]

  • The general election and its influence on Brexit [21:21]

  • Politics in 2016 and the hope for changes thereafter [27:25]

  • Trust and its relation to the British and the American societies [33:03]

  • Daily habits and routines to keep sharp and benefits from meditation [39:27]

  • Life-changing experience and something weird [44:33]

  • Dinner invitation and teacher or mentor in life [47:14]

  • Life-guiding quote and book recommendation [50:48]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [53:35]

Book Recommendation

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