"Instead of going alone, teaming up with the right partners and entering into the right corporations can be one of the biggest unique selling points for Denmark."

- Kinga Szabo Christensen

What can we learn about Denmark from its largest and most influential business organisation?


Join the Global Denmark Podcast as Thomas Mulhern interviews the Deputy Director General at Dansk Industri, Kinga Szabo Christensen.


In this insightful episode, we discuss Kinga’s journey from Hungary to Denmark, initiatives to attract global talents, the impact of the UN sustainable development goals, Denmark’s competitive advantages, and much more.

Episode Takeaways

  • Introduction of Kinga Szabo Christensen [2:33]

  • Integrating a global mindset to a Danish organization [11:50]

  • Danish values [14:08]

  • Gender equality and inclusion in the workplace [14:08]

  • Danish business in times of COVID-19 [20:18]

  • Danish Way [22:40]

  • Talent attraction [25:23]

  • Daily habits and routines [27:28]

  • Biggest motivator and special event [28:00]

  • Dinner party invites [29:45]

  • Book recommendations and something weird [31:30]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [33:58]

Book Recommendations

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