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"The Danish perspective for me is bringing an open-mindedness, showing how you work with a very high degree of trust."

- Lars Himmer

Join us in this fascinating conversation as we explore; differences in work cultures around the world, the Danish diaspora, and what it means to be a Danish leader abroad with Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador and Managing Director at Volkswagen Group Russia, Lars Himmer.

Episode Takeaways

  • The key to being a Danish leader abroad [2:50] 

  • The value of open-mindedness and learning local languages [4:48] 

  • The mindset of learning from different countries and markets [9:05] 

  • Being curious and open to the already well-structured Danish society [10:45] 

  • Language as a tool to unlock cultures and open doors [15:36] 

  • What it means to be a Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador [18:52]

  • The Danish diaspora [21:25] 

  • Autonomous driving, algorithms and ethical frameworks [37:28] 

  • Daily habits to maintaining high performance and dealing with stress [44:25] 

  • Meaningful experience and biggest motivator [47:35]

  • Mentors in life, dinner party invitations, and best life advice [50:22] 

  • Rationals and emotions in leadership - the Microsoft Office analogy

  • Book recommendations [1:00:41]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [1:01:47]