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“They [Danish restaurants] are very brave and curious. We have a high level of curiosity. They push the borders of what’s possible and challenge us as consumers, and this is what we need. We need to take new steps in order to change our habits, not only as consumers but as businesses.”

- Lise Walbom

In this fascinating episode of the Global Denmark Podcast, co-host Thomas Mulhern and Brian Woodward interview CEO of Food Nation, Lise Walbom.

In this conversation, we take a dive into the agriculture in Denmark. We learn about its importance, Danish exports, and how the industry is using technology and cooperative ways to move to more sustainable solutions. We also learn about opportunities and challenges in the Danish food sector, the role of Food Nation, how restaurants influence our culture, and much more.

Episode Breakdown

  • The agricultural sector in Denmark

  • What’s in the basket?

  • Transforming the industry

  • The use of advanced technology

  • A cooperative model

  • How restaurants influence our food culture

  • Food Nation

  • Opportunities and threats

  • Lessons to and from Denmark

  • Book recommendations and closing comments

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