"I think there is always more you can do. It’s really a matter of choosing where to put your efforts."

- Lone Dencker Wisborg

Join us as we explore; what it means to be the Danish Ambassador to the United States, how Denmark is being promoted, the state of Danish and American relations, the advantages of living abroad, and more with Ambassador, Lone Dencker Wisborg.

Episode Takeaways

  • The meaning of being an ambassador [1:31]

  • Presenting the Danish value of openness and trust [3:59]

  • The Americans’ perspectives about Denmark [5:56]

  • A day of an ambassador, and being a Dane in an American context [7:11]

  • Dealing with US politics and climate change [12:11]

  • Becoming the Danish Ambassador to the US [17:01]

  • Implementing work-life balance in the US, and how living abroad changes perspectives [19:46]

  • Leadership at the Embassy [23:03]

  • Daily habits or routines to stay sharp [27:11]

  • Guiding values in decision-making [27:46]

  • Book recommendations [28:31]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [31:10]