"A lot of MIT's strengths are also Denmark’s strengths; engineering, IT, life science, the culture of innovation, and entrepreneurship."

- Sydney-Johanna Stevns

Join us for this special episode featuring MIT-Denmark manager, Sydney-Johanna Stevns and three MIT students.

With an increased focus on global talent attraction and retention, we explore; MIT’s MISTI-Project; the program goals, attraction factors, their observations of the Danish culture and work culture, and what it would take for them to make Denmark their home.

Episode Takeaways

  • MIT’s MISTI Project and program goals [01:58]

  • How Sydney-Johanna Stevns got involved with MIT-Denmark [07:20]

  • Introduction of the three MIT students [09:27]

  • The reasons for choosing Denmark [14:30]

  • The awareness of Denmark at MIT [16:54]

  • Cultural research before coming to Denmark [19:18]

  • First impressions and observations about Danish culture and work culture [22:00]

  • The practice of work-life balance [26:51]

  • Attraction factors of Danish work culture [29:09]

  • Frustrations and barriers [35:41]

  • Motivations for joining the MISTI Project [39:45]

  • What it would take for the students to move to Denmark [46:25]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [51:00]