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"We cannot walk the same road as we’ve walked the past 75 years or the past couple of hundred years, that kind of economic growth is not sustainable."

- Mogens Lykketoft

What can we learn from the Danish model?


Join us in part one of two in this special episode of the Global Denmark Podcast as Thomas Mulhern interviews Fmr. Minister, Speaker and President of the UNGA, Mogens Lykketoft. 


Mogens has had an incredible career, with more than 35 years as a member of the Social Democratic Party where he also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Finance and Taxation. He’s also author of several books and a frequent commentator on Danish television. Today, Mogens is also serving as Chair for a project called Energinet.


In this episode, we take a dive into what the Danish model is, the concept of equality, climate change, the future of energy, the role of the UN, and Mogen’s reflections on previous and current events.

Episode Takeaways

  • The success of the Danish Model [3:10]

  • The level of social belief and participation [6:26]

  • World leaders’ view of the Danish Model [8:18]

  • Exporting the Danish Model and values [13:14]

  • Equality [14:31]

  • Serving as Minister [17:00]

  • Thoughts on current events [22:06]

  • Experience being the President of the UNGA [26:00]

  • Sustainably goals [31:30]

  • Energinet [35:51]