"If we want to make real change, then we need to make sure that the leaders of today get incentivized for the business of tomorrow."

- Natasha Friis Saxberg

Join the Global Denmark Podcast for an insightful conversation as we sit down with Natasha Friis Saxberg; CEO of IT-Branchen, author, digital strategist, and entrepreneur.


Natasha has worked with start-ups and corporations for two decades. She has previously worked as the Head of Venture Development at Maersk Growth and Head of Future Growth at Atea. She’s a TEDx Speaker, founder of several SaaS start-ups, and currently also serves as the Deputy Chairman at the Foundation for Social Responsibility.


In this wide-ranging conversation, we explored; the first technological revolution, the value-chain evolution and horizontal collaboration, innovation teams within corporations, accelerating growth in start-ups, and much more.

Episode Takeaways

  • The impact of technology and the fourth industrial revolution [2:15]

  • The challenges of collaboration [6:00]

  • Why companies should think about bigger problems [10:32]

  • Chaos, uncertainty, and data [11:52]

  • The incentive structure [15:38]

  • How companies can remove fear [19:25]

  • Innovation in Denmark vs. other cultures [21:17]

  • Innovation hubs [24:50]

  • Dealing with a system that isn’t set up for innovation [32:00]

  • Thoughts on universal basic income [39:35]

  • Daily habits and routines to stay sharp [42:26]

  • Special event and something weird about Natasha [44:49]

  • Best advice and dinner invites [49:28]

  • Book recommendations and life principle [52:30]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [58:15]