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The key is manufacturing needs to be close to your design if you want to keep competitive because it's a big driver of innovation.

- Nigel Edmondson

In light of Covid, global supply chain disruptions and climate change, the question of whether offshoring all manufacturing makes sensehas never been more relevant.

In our latest episode, we talk with Nigel Edmondson, Managing Director at the Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE).  MADE works with everything from robotics, to virtual reality, to 3-D printing and many more new ideas to explore how - and how much- manufacturing should happen in Denmark. 


Join Thomas Mulhern, Brian Woodward and Nigel for a talk about the future of Danish manufacturing.

Episode Takeaways

  • Why does local manufacturing matters for our national economy?

  • Isn’t Danish labour too expensive?

  • Is bringing manufacturing “back” to Denmark rhetoric or reality?

  • Digitalisation as an enabler of cleaner and greener manufacturing

  • Sustainability and manufacturing the circular economy.

  • The two big-idea books about manufacturing you need to read

  • And why Chinese surrealist authors are so compelling.

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