“What we can see from all data we have is that actually the internationals, they are job creators. They are not taking away the jobs from Danes; they are creating jobs for Danes.”

- Nikolaj Lubanski

In this week’s episode of Global Denmark Podcast, Thomas Mulhern is joined by the director of Talent Attraction at Copenhagen Capacity, Nikolaj Lubanski, as they discuss the value proposition for attracting and retaining top talent, the Talent to Denmark Project, and global talent in light of COVID’19.

Episode Takeaways

  • Copenhagen Capacity [2:43]

  • Development in the need for talent attraction over last 7 years [4:32]

  • Overall statistics on the number of internationals in Copenhagen and Denmark [6:32]

  • Attracting and retaining talent [7:33]

  • Talent [8:21]

  • Place branding, employer branding and call to action [12:33]

  • Emotional side of talent attraction [15:34]

  • Retention of the talent and mitigating barriers [16:52]

  • Identification of career possibility by students to stay and work in Denmark [18:36]

  • Decision process of university students to stay in Denmark [20:01]

  • Talent to Denmark Project and it’s 4 initiatives [22:10]

  • Global mobility and COVID’19 [28:10]

  • Demand for International talent as opportunity for growth [39:01]

  • Daily habits to stay mentally and physically sharp [36:36]

  • Leap-forward experience and biggest motivator and demotivator [37:30]

  • Role of intercultural intersection in cultivating mindset and mentor in life [42:06]

  • Collective consciousness of Denmark [45:00]

  • Best advice and book recommendations [46:25]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [49:41]