“I see it as very inspiring to just meet other humans who are vulnerable and going through the same things as we all are.”

- Pernille Sandberg Bech

Vulnerability, Authenticity and Balance


Global Denmark Podcast is back with another insightful episode; as Thomas Mulhern sits down with the CEO and Founder of Goodtalks, Pernille Sandberg Bech. In this wide-ranging conversation, we took a dive into Pernille’s journey from Group Head of Talent and Leadership to starting an empowering network that is adding tremendous value to women around the world.

Episode Takeaways

  • What does it mean to have a good talk [1:56]

  • Pernille’s corporate journey prior to working with Falck [3:12]

  • Thoughts working with HR and how they evolved [6:20]

  • Talent Development [7:50]

  • Indicators of identifying Talent [10:33]

  • Tips to retain talent [11:18]

  • Falck Flyers Talent Program and The Falckoner Graduate Program [11:43]

  • Benefits of having knowledge about other cultures [13:06]

  • Advice on working with international markets [13:33]

  • Goodtalks and it’s vision [14:04]

  • Member-based and subscription-based community [18:14]

  • Vulnerability to help [21:15]

  • Keynote events associated with Goodtalks [22:26]

  • Future of Goodtalks  [26:29]

  • Including men as ambassadors [28:30]

  • Digital network groups [29:18]

  • Daily habits to stay mentally and physically sharp [30:44]

  • Leap-forward experience and personality traits [32:14]

  • Dinner invites, best advice and guiding principles [33:46]

  • Mentor in life and book recommendations [36:08]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [37:17]