"Even though we thought that technology had its own life, we are now starting to understand that technology is political. It comes with a political agenda."

- Peter Svarre

What should we do with human beings? 


Join us as we talk about AI, machine learning, ethics and the role of the human being with speaker and best-selling author, Peter Svarre.

Episode Takeaways

  • What we should do with human beings [1:48]

  • Perspectives on technological growth [2:37]

  • The history of artificial intelligence [8:17]

  • The meaning of intelligence [12:10]

  • Why Peter started to research AI [14:50]

  • The morality and consciousness in machines [16:36]

  • The survival mechanism in robots and the paperclip scenario [18:21]

  • The ethical element in future AI [21:56]

  • Technology and politics [25:38]

  • Regulations of AI [30:21]

  • The role of AI in marketing and social media [35:44]

  • Profits versus well-being [42:17]

  • Daily habits or routines to stay sharp [48:38]

  • Meaningful experience and something weird [50:55]

  • Biggest motivator and dinner party invites [53:09]

  • Mentor relationship and book recommendations [55:37]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [1:00:18]