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Recap with Ed Ley & Thomas Mulhern


“We’ve interviewed some incredibly successful people; none of them have gone from point A to point B, they’ve all been in waves of ups and downs, but they have all been guided by values, principles, and people in their lives that they can attribute a pivot to and I think that we all can be those people."

- Ed Ley

"When I look at what the rest of the world can teach Denmark, I think time and time again we look at being open to the power of thought diversity. The diverse influences, people, ideas that can really help transform the way society operates and create new innovation.”

- Thomas Mulhern

Episode Takeaways

  • Key lessons [01:20]

  • Trust [02:12]

  • Humility [03:40]

  • Attracting and retaining global talent [04:50]

  • Happiness and purpose [05:54]

  • The power of trust [07:30]

  • Be open to diversity [08:12]

  • Thank you and closing comments [08:40]