"I never want to close one chapter of my life entirely, so I will always be an advocate in the relationship between the US and Denmark."

- Rufus Gifford

Join us for this special episode featuring Fmr. US Ambassador, Rufus Gifford.

With Trump’s cancellation of the state visit to Denmark, we discuss; Trump’s breach of diplomatic protocol, the state of Danish-American relations, character and mental health in public service, and insights into the upcoming 2020 election.

Episode Takeaways

  • Vacation in Denmark and participation in Pride [1:37]

  • Thought on Danes’ reaction to Trump’s cancelation of state visit [4:16]

  • Trump and the US ambassador’s reaction in the media [7:01]

  • Thoughts on dealing with similar political affairs [16:44]

  • Comments on Trump being a master of branding [21:20]

  • Influence on the American image [27:19]

  • The human elements of working in politics [31:44]

  • Mental health and public services [34:00]

  • A good government model [44:22]

  • Questions from Global Denmark Podcast audience [47:48]

  • Closing comments [50:27]