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2nd Roundtable Discussion

Featuring Louise Orbesen,

Dr. Poornima Luthra &

Sandy Mackenzie

A discussion about the future of work and leadership, cognitive diversity as well as openness and vulnerability

The Global Denmark Podcast is proud to present our second roundtable discussion.


What is the relationship between hygge, comfort and growth?


Join Ed Ley and Thomas Mulhern as we welcome back our podcast alumni Louise Orbesen, founder of Leading Humans, Dr. Poornima Luthra, founder and Chief Consultant of TalentED and educator at CBS, and Sandy Mackenzie, Director of Copenhagen International School.


This is a 2 part series, where we discussed the future of work and leadership, cognitive diversity, openness and vulnerability, talent shortages and their consequences, the village mentality, hygge and growth, as well as social emotion and attachment.


"You welcome conflict. Conflict is not something you try to avoid or hide; it’s something you welcome as a gift. It’s a present for your personal development and the team’s development."

- Louise Orbesen

Founder of Leading Humans

"It’s not to say that one person should conform or change their way, but they are bringing something to the table. Let’s recognize those differences; let’s value those differences. Let’s create organizations that truly look at cognitive diversity."

- Dr. Poornima Luthra

Founder and Chief Consultant of TalentED and educator at CBS

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"Questioning each other is fine, as long as that mutual respect exists because that respect exists on something rather than fear."

- Sandy Mackenzie

Director of Copenhagen International School

Show Notes (Part 1):

  • The low power distance in Denmark [2:45]

  • Flat hierarchy and decision-making [4:47]

  • The definite identity of Denmark [9:27]

  • Trust and vulnerability [10:11]

  • Power distance in the educational sector [17:38]

  • Understanding oneself [24:38]

  • Being conscious of our biases [27:36]

  • Emotional intelligence and reducing biases [30:11]

  • Affinity bias and growing diversity [34:31]

  • Lessons from Denmark to the world [39:16]

Show Notes (Part 2):

  • Being open to cultural understanding [1:53]

  • Talent shortage and embracing diversity [3:35]

  • The village mentality [7:51]

  • Language, life in Denmark and integration [10:48]

  • Hygge, comfort and growth [20:25]

  • Young talent and future workplace [27:39]

  • Social emotional skills, micro-credentials and attachment [36:20]

  • Lessons to Denmark [50:54]