Søren Kristensen

No matter where you come from, no matter your background, if you move towards the same values, you know you’re moving towards the same go

- Søren Kristensen

In this episode of The Global Denmark Podcast, hosts Ed Ley and Thomas Mulhern sit down with CEO of FC Nordsjælland Søren Kristensen.


FC Nordsjælland competes in the top football league in Denmark, the Superliga.

This wide ranging conversation explores how FC Nordsjælland through their Right to Dream Project, is on a mission to change the world of football. 


In addition, Ed, Søren and Thomas discuss the transformative effects of diversity and integration.

Episode Takeaways

  • Why we have the right to dream [01:50]

  • FC Nordsjælland [02:38]

  • Values and character building [05:00]

  • Equality in football in Denmark [09:12]

  • Ghana and bringing cultures together [11:45]

  • Important values to teach [21:30]

  • Managing cultural and generational diversity [24:50]

  • Millennials [29:00]

  • The Common Goal Project [32:00]

  • Habits to improve performance [35:00]

  • One event that led to a big change [35:50]

  • Challenging personality trait and mentors [37:58]

  • What we can learn from Right to Dream [41:15]

  • Two people from history and strange skills [42:34]

  • Recommendations and closing comments [46:10]

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