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The better Denmark gets at integration, the better Denmark will be at retention and then when you retain talent they become ambassadors; therefore creating a positive cycle of talent attraction as well.

- Thomas Mulhern

This week the Global Denmark Podcast features a very special guest, our very own Thomas Mulhern. Thomas is the Managing Director of Globally Local; former International Department Head at Institut Sankt Joseph and host of the Global Denmark Podcast. 

Join the conversation; as Thomas discusses what it means to be Globally Local, the crucial difference between assimilation and integration, keys to retaining global talent, cultivating a growth mindset and the future of international education in Denmark.

Episode Takeaways

  • What it means to be Globally Local [01:55]

  • Denmark and integration [03:09]

  • The upside of integration [06:01]

  • How we start to integrate and not assimilate [08:35]

  • Overcoming similarity bias [10:54]

  • How Thomas ended up in Denmark [13:20]

  • The Danish way [15:42]

  • Why it’s important for a country to attract and retain talent [24:44]

  • Why learning the language is essential for integration and the best way to do so [28:20]

  • How Thomas implement the mission of Globally Local [30:24]

  • Habits and routines to optimize performance [33:37]

  • A challenging personality trait for self-regulation [35:02]

  • Guiding principle for decision-making and something weird [36:48]

  • Teachers, mentors, and books [39:44]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [42:41]

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