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"They need to create a desire for change, which is bound up around being in an even better place than where we are today. That’s about creating a hope within an organization. It’s about creating the team spirit, where everybody is working towards that goal."

- Tina Mayn

On transformation management

Join the Global Denmark Podcast as we sit down with Senior Vice President of VELUX, Tina Mayn.

Tina has extensive experience working with innovation, R&D and transformation management. In this wide-ranging conversation, we explored; VELUX’s global presence, the innovation pipeline, leading large transformation and turnaround, the Urbantech project and scale-up accelerators, as well as the differences between Stockholm and Copenhagen in terms of attracting global talents. Tina, being the first woman to serve in top management at VELUX, also brings tips for women pursuing their career.

Episode Takeaways

  • VELUX’s global presence [2:22]

  • The innovation pipeline and indoor climate optimization [4:25]

  • Leading transformation and turnaround [7:55]

  • The human side of transformation [9:32]

  • VELUX’s DNA of sustainability [12:48]

  • Urbantech and VELUX’s partnership [14:32]

  • The scale-up accelerator [17:22]

  • Women in leadership [20:02]

  • Global talents in Stockholm and in Copenhagen [22:55]

  • Leap-forward event and biggest motivator and demotivator [25:57]

  • Something weird and dinner party invites [29:27]

  • Best advice and book recommendations [31:41]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [35:30]